Armored Core 6 PS5: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay & Leaks

From Software is creating a new Armored Core 6 PS5 Game, one which is promised to be difficult and include visceral mech-based action. FromSoftware also created Elden Ring and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. However, the developers of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon claim that their reboot of the series is more than just a “Soulsborne” game dressed in heavy metal.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of FromSoftware, said in an interview with IGN that his company is not attempting to influence Armored Core 6’s gameplay mechanics toward Soulsborne-style gameplay, which was pioneered in 2009 by Demon’s Souls and improved over the course of more than a decade by Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and, most previously, Elden Ring.

Armored Core 6 PS5

The backstory of Armored Core 6 PS5:

Releases of the Armored Core series, which made their debut by 1997 just on the original PlayStation, were reduced to a trickle throughout the PS3 period. While 2012’s Armored Core V was better but at the time was still too obscure for mass audiences, 2006’s Armored Core IV was a mixed blessing held back by sterile aesthetics. Since then, not only have FromSoftware’s skills increased but so have gaming console capabilities, and the series has now skipped a whole console generation. Additionally, player preferences have changed, which may be setting the basis for Armored Core’s massive comeback.

Beyond the details of internal mech-head tinkering, one of the reasons why Armored Core fans are so eager for its return is seeing how FromSoftware, which has grown and evolved since Dark Souls practically established its own genre, applies its new tools and expertise to an extended series.

The gameplay of Armored Core 6:

The main focus of Armored Core 6 PS5 VI will be building mechs, which is the series’ mainstay. To create their own death machine, players may change anything from boots to rocket launchers, giving one form of speed increase priority over another. Gamers will be awarded for aggressive styles of play that attempt to put adversaries on the back foot in combat, on the other hand. Customization and mech mobility remain the cornerstones, but “severe and brutal combat is still very much an emphasis.”

What to expect in Armored Core 6 News:

Players may build and control their own mech in Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon, giving them the freedom to roam about in three dimensions while completing tasks at a breakneck rate. Take on challenging tasks and overcome your adversaries with swift, dynamic moves that fully use long and deadly combat. Operations that are only fully fulfilled with mechs are available to players in a number of ways.


  • The tale is divided into missions, which you may tailor while waiting between tasks.
  • Purchase better equipment for your mech by earning money from missions.
  • Although multiplayer isn’t the main focus, there will be a vs mode.
  • Boss confrontations with vicious machines are the “highlight of the game,” taking place in a brand-new area and having no connection to previous games.

Armored Core 6 PS5 Platforms

Industry speculations claim that Armored Core 6 was under development for a very long time, and its declared platforms do little amount of support for this. Like Elden Ring before it, the game will be released for PS4 and Xbox One in addition to Ps5 and Xbox Series X/S. It is hard to predict at this point whether this will result in any scope compromises. Naturally, there will be a Desktop release, but there will be no Switch version.

Armored Core 6 Release Date

Fires of Rubicon’s first video does finish with one concrete detail, but it’s a huge one: the game will be released in 2023. Even if there isn’t any more information available beyond that, which leads us to believe that it’s aimed at the end of the year, this is still quite positive. Given that some significant Elden Ring DLC is anticipated to be presumably in mid-2023, it’d make more sense for FromSoftware to plan Armored Core to round off the year.

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