Apple Car vs Tesla Car 2024: Performance, Specs & Release Date

Apple Car vs Tesla Car

New 2024 Apple Car vs Tesla Car: Performance, Review, Price & Release Date? Apple and Tesla are well-known international brands with vast markets. Tesla boasts a market valuation of around $780 billion, compared to Apple’s estimated value of $2 trillion. Apple leads the pack when determining its value, but Tesla has long been in the lead in producing electric vehicles.

Elon Musk’s imagined futuristic city includes Tesla’s self-driving electric cars. It has remarkable characteristics that provide a glimpse into the future of the entire world. However, Apple has also been quietly developing an electric vehicle. The globe is tense because of the fierce rivalry between these two heavyweights.

Regarding electric automobiles, Tesla already holds around 18% of the market. On the other hand, Apple is a leader in producing technological devices. It controls 40% of the US market and approximately 11% of the market share worldwide. Apple strives to be the best in manufacturing and wants to beat Tesla at its own game.

Elon Musk planned to sell Tesla to Apple CEO Tim Cook, which is a fascinating fact. Cook had declined, and Apple had already begun work on a project to surpass Tesla in creating the best electric automobiles on the planet. Apple recently verified the reports that this car would be produced as part of Project Titan. The following key comparison criteria will be used to choose the winner of this race.

The Quality of The Battery Being Used

The type of batteries utilized is one of the key elements influencing the race between Tesla and Apple to create the best luxury EV on the planet. Apple claims to be producing batteries that will take up less space while also being more efficient to surpass Tesla in the battery race. Elon Musk, meanwhile, believes that Apple is being overly ambitious and unworkable from a scientific standpoint. Even worse, he openly mocked his competitor on Twitter.

Apple Car vs Tesla Car

However, Apple ignored this tweet. According to rumours, Cook and his team may collaborate with Hyundai and the Taiwanese business Hota Industrial Manufacturing. They aim to create an individual cell battery that takes up less storage space and charges in under 20 minutes. Its range will be between 400 and 500 miles.

Advanced Security Measures

Security precautions are critical when it comes to electric vehicles. Although the car’s computer will manage the voyage, it is likely to be compromised. Apple has tried to outdo Tesla in the luxury electric vehicle market by incorporating cutting-edge security technologies.

The C1 chip, which houses an A12 Bionic CPU and potentially provides the vehicle with built-in AI capabilities, has equipped the EV with the tools necessary to defend against the deadliest attacks.

Like Alexa or Siri, the integrated artificial intelligence will support the driver. IOS and Siri will be completely integrated into the system. The driver’s safety is also improved by a function that is included. When it notices a motorist is drowsy, lethargic, or even reckless, the AI will possess the technology to automate the process completely.

Apple Car vs Tesla Car: Appearance & Special Features

Its defining features are the seamless operation and autonomous driving of a premium car. Apple, meanwhile, is posing a serious threat to Tesla by delivering several distinctive features, including a look. According to rumours, the Apple version will resemble the Tesla model quite a bit.

Apple Car vs Tesla Car

Its exquisite aerodynamic body will be its speciality, and the lights and taillights will be made of high-resolution LED screens. The Apple luxury electric car will also include LIDAR sensors, something Tesla cannot claim. This is more significant. For the AI to develop better discretion, these sensors will create a 3D representation of the routes the car is taking.

The competition between the two enormous corporations appears positive, even in pricing. According to predictions made by industry expert Gene Munster, Apple’s luxury electric automobile will retail for roughly $75,000.

The Tesla Model X costs 81,190 dollars, less than this predicted sum. It is more expensive than the Model S EV, though, which can go up to $71,620. Determining which of these elements defines a luxury electric automobile is difficult. By 2024, the answer might be revealed.

Apple Car vs Tesla Car


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