New 2026 Apple Car Reportedly Coming In At Under $100K

The long-rumored electric vehicle (EV) and driverless car from the company that makes the iPhone and Macintosh seem to be a genuine project. Apple has not officially endorsed the initiative. But numerous sources now describe the development of the ghost project. Undoubtedly, the self-driving automobile won’t provide prospects for conventional channel partners. But it’s a sure thing that strategic alliance partners (chip makers, independent software vendors, 5G networking firms, cybersecurity organizations, and more) will have a say in how the Apple Car is designed, developed, manufactured, launched, delivered, and secured against IoT threats.


The most recent details regarding the Apple Car come from Mark Gurman via Bloomberg and center on a rumored 2026 release date. Although Gurman asserts that Apple would no longer give special consideration to a completely autonomous driving function for its next EV in order to accelerate the product’s availability in the market, the earliest leaks for its release date center on a 2024 to 2028 timeline.

Apple Car

According to the most recent information, Apple Car will now include a steering wheel for manual control that will mostly be used for city driving. According to the story, it would take control of the vehicle while it was on the road, provide drivers with a variety of entertainment options when they switched to self-driving, and notify them when they were getting close to a city in preparation for a takeover.

Apple Car 2026 Price in USA

US over $120,000
INDIA Rs. 99 lakhs
UK $55,000


and Cupertino’s Plans for the EV Leaks and insiders were quick to look into the details of Apple’s well-known electric car project, which saw its inaugural speculations back in 2015. Initial talks focused on Cupertino purchasing Tesla for its project.


Apple Car

However, it did not see a deal that resulted in its acquisition, and these leaks did not pan out, but the rumors about the claimed “project” rumors have persisted up to this point regarding its vehicle ambitions. There were a number of speculative “Project Titan” release dates, with one centered on 2019 and later shifting to 2021, 2024, and even 2028 according to certain insiders.


Its release is still uncertain as a project from Apple’s R&D, and there are rumors about it. insiders monitored the company’s electric vehicle’s progress and made numerous discoveries along the way. A number of Tesla engineers crossed the water to Apple to work on Project Titan, but some stayed in Cupertino. Project Titan is a collaboration of creative minds and leaders working on the electric vehicle endeavor, which it hopes to release by 2026, with Apple having a variety of previous executives from various automakers. It is still an unconfirmed project, as Apple usually does to keep things under wraps, but it will soon be offered with a price tag of around $100,000 and a ton of entertainment options for its consumers.


Bloomberg reports that Apple is willing to give up the self-driving function in order to focus on getting a car on the market. The people, who asked to remain anonymous because the information is private, said that the company is now planning a less ambitious layout that will include a steering wheel and pedals and only support fully autonomous capabilities on highways.

Apple Car


This is a significant change for the project, according to the report. The story continued, “Apple is now planning to construct a car that allows drivers to undertake other things — say, watch a movie or play a game — on a freeway and be informed with sufficient time to switch over to manual control if necessary.


The automobile will run on a custom chip made by Apple. It is stated to be “equivalent to about four of Apple’s highest-end Mac CPUs combined.” According to Bloomberg, “The heart of Apple’s technology is a powerful onboard computer system, nicknamed Denali after the highest mountain peak in North America, and a bespoke array of sensors.

The company’s silicon engineering team is creating the processor, whose performance is comparable to four of Apple’s most powerful Mac chips put together. Although Apple could scale it back before the debut of the car to cut costs, the chip has matured to the point where it is thought to be almost production-ready.

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