New 2024 Android 14 – (Updated): Release Date & Full Specs

Android 14

New 2024 Android 14 – (Updated): Release Date & Full Specs! If you’re curious about the upcoming Android 14 release date, read on to learn more about this new smartphone’s features and updates. This new operating system might be called “Upside Down Cake”. The official release date of the newest version of Android is unknown yet. The code name for the new version is “Upside Down Cake.” It could be a dessert, as it is traditionally baked upside down and then served up right. So what should we expect from the newest version of Android?

OS Family Android
Source model Open-Source Software
General availability October 4, 2023
Latest Release 14.0.0_r15 (UP1A.231105.003.A1) / November 9, 2023

But netizens are everywhere so according to their reports, they may launch Android 14 in August 2024. While the name is somewhat confusing, the character is the fourteenth Android designed by Dr. Gero. The character made its first appearance in the anime series Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! Despite his name, the character has a very Native American appearance.

The android is large and muscular, wearing brown clothing and a green man’s skirt. He also wears a pair of black and yellow boots. His eyes are brown instead of blue, implying that he is a man-made android. While he is an android, he doesn’t display much emotion, instead staring at you with a cold, unmasked stare.

2024 Android Overview


Release Date

Internal Codename

Android 14 October 2023 Upside Down Cake
Android 13 August 15, 2022 Tiramisu
Android 12L March 7, 2022 Snow Cone v2
Android 12 October 4, 2021 Snow Cone

Android 14 2024 Features

If you’re thinking of upgrading your smartphone or tablet to Android 14, you’re in luck. Google is hard at work on a new version of its mobile operating system that should be released later this year on Pixel phones and other compatible devices. Android versions have traditionally been named after desserts, but with Android 10, Google switched to a numbered version system. The company is also working on four new color combinations, codenamed TONAL_SPOT, VIBRANT, EXPRESSIVE, and SPRITZ.

Beta 1 April 2023
Beta 2 and 3 May-June 2023
Beta 4 July 2023
Stable Build August 2023

Among the other new features in Android 14 a major change to the search bar is expected in the Pixel Launcher. Google has added toggles for web suggestions and search results, and users can choose to hide unsupported apps. Another major change in the Material You theme is the fix for a major bug with the vibrant color category. These and other changes should make this version one of the best Android releases. In addition, it is likely to be released sometime this summer.

While the code name of the new version of Android may not be as exciting as previous ones, Google has a good history of revealing code names in fun ways. Past Android releases have been nicknamed after desserts. Android 10 was known as Quince, while Android 11 was named Red Velvet Cake.

Later, Android 12 was dubbed Snow Cone. Finally, Android 13 was nicknamed Tiramisu. We’ll have to wait a little longer for the real name of Android 14, but you’ll have the latest information and get a sneak peek at the latest version of Android.

Android 14 2023 Price

Google has announced that the price of the next version of its popular operating system, Android 14, will start at $250. This new version of Android will be available for certain smartphones starting from the Google Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a 5G, and Pixel 4XL. The name Upside Down Cake is fitting for the new OS because it will be served right-side up.

Google’s previous Android versions have been given dessert names. Android 10 is known as Quince, while Android 11 is dubbed Red Velvet Cake. Google may have run out of good choices, but the code names have been revealed as desserts. Android 11 is known as Red Velvet Cake, Android 12 is called Snow Cone, and Android 13 is known as Tiramisu.

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