Alice Gear Aegis CS 2023: Concerto of Simulatrix English Release Date

The Concerto of Simulatrix from Alice Gear Aegis is coming to the west in 2023. In the west, Alice Gear Aegis CS: Symphony of Simulatrix will be made available by PQube for the PlayStation 5, Gamecube 4, & Switch in 2023. Alice Gear Aegis console versions were officially confirmed in January 2022. A global release of the game is assured now that it has made its Japanese debut. In 2023, PQube will handle the English release of Alice Gear Helix CS: Symphonic orchestra of Simulatrix just on PS4, PS5, as well as Switch. Both a physical copy and a digital copy will be offered.


Players playing Alice Gear Aegis CS: Rhapsody of Simulatrix follow a squad of young ladies as they equip Alice Gear combat suits and engage Vice in 3D combat. In the console version, there are 22 protagonists from the mobile game, and you can bring three of them together for battle when you enter a stage. As you play, players can collect stuff to change the appearance of their characters. Additionally, there is online multiplayer, which enables two players to compete using their own teams of characters.

alice gear aegis cs


Carroll Gear Gear up, buckle up, and start fighting in the thrilling 3D battle gaming experience AEGiS, which is coming to consoles soon! Only you can restore your world once vice has stolen it! You receive training from AEGiS, a company tasked with defending against vice, as a performer with the aptitude to use this unique equipment. Simulate battles between you and your allies while employing special permutations of unique Alice Gear to become stronger, quicker, and better than ever! As you assemble your team, keep up with your teammates’ life and discover their motivations and emotions.

Key Elements

  • Pick from a Selection of Cute Teammates!

Characters that may be customized and played with have unique personalities and skill sets!

  • Customization Fun in-Game Store!

includes new apparel, mech suit modifications, weaponry, and accessories that may be customized for a more kawaii feel.

  • Enjoyable Visual Novel Elements

Take part in the game’s overarching narrative while enjoying engaging contextual dialogue cutscenes that help you better understand your character.

  • Vivacious Combat Battles!

Build your ideal team, engage in tag team combat, or get ready to go it alone!

  • Online fights with your pals!

See if you have what it requires to be the finest Actress in AEGiS by using the online option to challenge your friends!

Watch the trailer for the announcement below. Visit the gallery to see a fresh round of screenshots. the official webpage can be found here.


Gear Aegis

English-language console game Alice Gear Aegis will be released by PQube in 2023

The game, which launched on September 8 in Japan, is a console adaptation of the classic Alice Gear Aegis mobile game. The game is described by PQube.


Also, you can restore your world once vice has stolen it! You receive training from AEGiS, a company tasked with defending against the Vice, as an entertainer with a talent for using the unique mech suits known as Alice Gear.

Fight in simulations with your teammates while employing special combinations of one Alice Gear to become stronger, quicker, and better than ever!

In January 2018, Pyramid and COLOPL released the first Alice Gear Aegis mobile game for Android and iOS smartphones. Character direction and concepts for the 3D mecha blasting game were done by Humikane Shimada, who is also responsible for Frame Armament Girl, Girls durch Panzer, and Strike Witches. Girls named Actresses fight against mysterious machine lifeforms called Vices in the game’s plot.

Doki! This same Alice Gear Aegis in September 2021, the actress-focused Mermaid Magnificent Prix OVA debuted.

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