2026 Sony Honda Car Afeela First Looks, Pricing, Specs & Release Date

Sony Honda Car Afeela

Brand Afeela
Model 2026 Sony Honda Car Afeela
Price $45,000 to $66,000

Afeela is a new automotive brand that is the product of a joint venture between Sony and Honda. The new brand will debut in 2026 with its first model, the Sony Honda Car Afeela. It’s a smooth-sided EV sedan. You will also get 45 cameras and sensors inside and outside the car.

Other technological highlights include driver assistance and sophisticated architecture, an advanced infotainment system in collaboration with Epic Games, a self-driving feature, and powerful onboard computers. This article will discuss this upcoming Sony Honda Car Afeela in detail. You are requested to read the article carefully and collect the necessary information.

Sony Honda Car Afeela Interior:

As expected by trusted websites, Sony Honda Car Afeela Interior is inspired by the Tesla Model S Plaid. Afeela EV sedan may also feature a U-shaped yoke-style steering wheel inside. If we talk about its cabin, it shines with ambient light. However, a rotary controller is expected to access the car’s digital dashboard in front of the centre armrest. Its general layout is simple and clean, and the cabin feels spacious for a sedan.

Afeela’s dash consists of a fully extended screen. Expect Sony’s influence on a PlayStation console. The company can focus on software networks and user experience since Sony has a lot of experience with audio, and Afeela’s products can improve when it comes to quality sound systems.

2026 Sony Honda Car Afeela Engine & Performance:

According to Afeela, the modern Sony Honda Car Afeela vehicle will support all-wheel drive. Also, we can get two electric motor engines inside it. As expected, both are capable of producing 241 horsepower at each axle. Let’s see what happens.

However, its combined horsepower rating is yet to be revealed. However, reliable websites expect it to produce more than 400 horsepower. Official information also suggests this sedan has an air-spring suspension system and a staggered tyre setup with broader rubber at the rear.

Sony Honda Car Afeela Battery Life:

Tech lovers are curious about the Sony Honda Car Afeela Battery Life. According to official information, it has a 91.0-kWh battery pack under the floorboard. Buyers can charge up to 150 KW fast chargers per the company’s claim. But surprisingly, no official announcement about the car’s range estimate is sufficient. We hope it will offer an improved range.

2026 Sony Honda Car Afeela Safety Features:

Here we give you Sony Honda Car Afeela Safety Features. Let’s see.

2026 Sony Honda Car Afeela Price:

What will the price range be for the Sony Honda Car Afeela? This is currently a reasonable and far-reaching query of tech lovers. However, there is no official word on its price list or range. However, as far as we know, estimates from Car & Driver and Nikkei Asia suggest that the modern vehicle could fetch between $45,000 and $66,000. However, all this information is just a guess. We will update this article once we get the official price range. Until then, dear friends, it is better to wait.

Sony Honda Car Afeela Release Date:

Tech lovers interested in the Sony Honda Car Afeela Release Date, do you want to know when this modern vehicle will come to the world market? The official information about its official release date is still not enough.

However, as far as we know from the estimates of trusted websites, this upcoming unique vehicle will hit the global market in the spring of 2026. Although this information is purely speculation, we must accept these speculations until an official announcement is made. And you know, the fruit of waiting is sweet.

Sony Honda Car Afeela 2026 Review

Here, we give you Sony Honda Car Afeela some exciting & interesting features. Let’s take a look.

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