New 2024 Pixel Watch 3 Images leak hints at Google’s biggest design Change

Pixel Watch 3Currently, Google is working on a larger Pixel Watch 3, and now the first renders have leaked its display size and dimensions. Renders of the Pixel Watch 3 were first leaked earlier this week with overall similar dimensions to the current model.

Same display, a slightly smaller body and a much thicker profile. But at that time there was no mention of the large size of the missing. We’ll likely learn more about the Pixel Watch 3 in the coming months, but a larger size is probably the most common request from users so far.

Google I/O 2024 came and went without any mention of the Pixel Watch 3, and we still haven’t heard anything official about Google’s next wearable. But in the meantime, we’ve got some juicy rumors to get us excited.

Google Pixel Watch 3 2024 Specs:

Brand: Google
Model Name: Pixel Watch 3
Release Date Prediction: October 2024
Price Prediction: $349 or Higher
Design: Likely Available in Two Sizes
Features: Possibly New Gesture Controls, Batter Battery Life, Improved Fitness Tracking
Software: Wear OS 5

Google Pixel Watch 3 Display:

A series of renders for the Pixel Watch 3 recently surfaced that give us our first insight into what Google’s upcoming wearable could look like. The new Pixel Watch 3 model looks almost identical to the Pixel Watch 2.

It features the same 1.2-inch “bezel-less display with a rotating crown on the sides,” according to the report. The images show the wearable in black with a matching strap attached though more colors are expected to be available at launch.

Apart from the size, there is a good chance that the bezels around the watch face will be thinner, giving users a better view of the display. Although the device is smaller, the screen remains the same size.

It’s worth noting that past rumors for the Pixel Watch 3 have mentioned that there will be a 45mm option to go along with the standard 41mm model. If so, it will be Google’s first smartwatch of that size.

Google Pixel Watch 3 2024 Performance:

The Pixel Watch 3 may have some new sensors that warrant extra space. Exactly what kind of sensor is up for debate. Not much has been leaked regarding the Pixel Watch 3’s hardware. At this point, it’s mostly been about software features like Advanced Watch Unlock.

Google Pixel Watch 3 Battery Life:

A product listing about the Pixel Watch 3’s battery was discovered several months ago on a South Korean quality assurance website. A full battery for the Google Pixel Watch lasts all day on a charge that lasts up to 24 hours to support sleep tracking and other features.

The documents say the wearable is set to house a 307 mAh battery which is bigger than the Pixel Watch 2’s 304 mAh battery. Although it’s a larger power source, the size difference doesn’t seem drastic enough to warrant nearly two millimeters worth of space.

Google Pixel Watch 3 2024 Price:

Considering the Google Pixel Watch 3 release date is still a few months away it’s a bit early to determine the exact price. However, if Google follows the pricing patterns of previous generations, we can expect the Pixel Watch 3 to be priced below $400. To be more specific, around $349 for the Wi-Fi-only version and around $399 for the Wi-Fi+LTE version.

Rumors have been rife about possible design changes and the introduction of more size options, which could affect the price difference between the various versions. To confirm these details, we will have to patiently wait for the official announcement or keep an eye out for more leaks in the coming months.

Pixel Watch 3 Release Date:

After a long wait, Google is gearing up to launch multiple Pixel watches. There will be a Pixel Watch 3 in 2024, but it will likely be released in October when Google launches the Pixel 9.

According to a new leak, there could be a Pixel Watch 3 XL, which will be bigger than the Pixel 3. We’re hoping that the new device will make the Pixel Watch 3 series in the lineup more appealing to more people.

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