New 2024 Nissan Sakura: First Looks, Price, Release Date & Specs

Nissan Sakura

Hello friends, I hope you all are well today; we will discuss Japan as a country where electric cars have been running for the last few years. Today, we will share our discussion with you about a new car that will hit the roads of Japan called the New 2024 Nissan Sakura. This car is buzzing, so we will discuss all the in-depth aspects of this car.

The Nissan Sakura revolutionized the Japanese electric car market and is expected to become the most-sold car in 2024. The car looks small and is well controlled in terms of controls. It is very comfortable and has lots of features. In 2024, the Nissan Sakura will join the names of electric cars like Tesla and Honda. So, the New Nissan Sakura is a popular car among Japanese divers.

First Look 2024 Nissan Sakura Japan Price, Release Date & Full Specs

As far as we know in making this car, Sakura is an electric “kei car” jointly developed by Nissan and Mitsubishi. Kei cars are extremely popular in Japan today due to their economical operation and ability to navigate the country’s narrow roads.

The Nissan Sakura’s success can be attributed to its affordability, with prices starting at 2.5 million yen ($16,700) and a 550,000 yen ($3,600) government subsidy for domestic electric car purchases. This brings the price of the Sakura down to just $13,000, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.

As far as we know, the Nissan Sakura EV can go 150 to 165 km on a single charge, according to Japanese car driver data. The Nissan Sakura caters to the driver’s daily commute. Owners have praised its smooth and comfortable ride, noting that it performs surprisingly well for its size, takes off like a rocket, and tackles uphill roads effortlessly.

Currently, Nissan Sakura is the most prominent among the Japanese EVs. However, Japan is a very advanced country with the most advanced electric vehicles, such as Tesla, Honda, Toyota, and more. So, Tesla is expected to be prominent in Japan alongside Honda and other electric companies.

2024 Nissan Sakura


Is the Nissan Sakura available outside of Japan?

As far as we know, the Nissan Sakura is available outside Japan and for purchase in Japan.

How far can Sakura go on a single charge?

The main feature of this small electric car named Sakura is its range of approximately 150 to 160 km on a single charge.

Whose “Kei” is that?

A Kei car is a small, economical car popular in Japan due to its fuel efficiency and maneuverability on narrow roads.

Why are electric Kei cars like the Sakura popular in Japan?

According to Japanese data, Kei cars are popular because they are economical and suitable for city driving where public transport is in high demand.

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