New 2024 Lexus Sedan Price, Release Date, Full Specs & Official News

New 2024 Lexus Sedan Price, Release Date, Full Specs & Official News One of the most well-liked cars from the Japanese luxury carmaker in 2024 is the two-row midsize Lexus TX. Fresh off a complete redesign in 2023, the TX features a completely new style on the inside and out, updated in-car technology, enhanced driving aids, and a new turbocharged powerplant. Regardless of its popularity, the RX needed significant improvements because it was an outdated model. Thankfully, the modifications were largely effective. Lexus also provides the RX 350h hybrid, RX 450h+ plug-in hybrid (or PHEV), and performance hybrid in addition to the RX 350.


The 2024 Lexus Sedan isn’t the fastest or sportiest car in its class, but it is one of the most pleasant ones, with a decent ride and a quiet interior. We wouldn’t recommend buying the stiff-riding F Sport variant, though. Additionally, the inside has been upgraded with a new layout and in-car technology that does away with the clunky and annoying touchpad controller.

2024 Lexus Sedan

The 275 hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine with eight-speed automatic transmission also wowed us with its power and punch. We do not anticipate any significant modifications from Lexus in 2024 as a result of all the previous adjustments.

Since virtually every luxury manufacturer provides one or more models in this category, there is enough of competition to keep the RX on its toes. The Mercedes-Benz GLE, Porsche Cayenne, and BMW X5 are a few of Edmunds’ favorites, albeit they are all a little more costly than the Lexus. Check out the freshly renovated Lexus NX small SUV if you enjoy the brand but don’t want as much space.


Lexus TX Price for 2024

Our projection for Lexus TX’s starting price in 2024 is $50,000. For comparison, the Acura MDX and Infiniti QX60 have starting prices in the same range. The TX range is meant to drive more like a vehicle and have greater inside space than the 3-row Lexus GX and midsize Lexus RX’s 3-row variant.

2024 Lexus Sedan Launch Date

The second part of 2023 is when we anticipate the Lexus TX to be on sale.


2024 Lexus Sedan

Lexus Sedan 2024 Details

There is definitely no lack of options for Lexus buyers seeking for an SUV to fit their budget and needs, ranging from subcompact & compact models like the Lexus UX and NX up to midsize & full-size options like the RX, GX, with powerful LX.

The GX and LX, Lexus’ two largest SUVs, ride on truck-based chassis, giving them exceptional off-road capability, but they fall short of the competitors in terms of ride quality, interior capacity, and fuel efficiency. For instance, the Lexus GX features a harsh ride with a V8 engine that consumes excessive gasoline and gets poor fuel economy.


2024 Lexus Sedan Powertrain

A hybrid or plug-in hybrid powertrain is anticipated to be available when the 2024 Lexus TX line goes into production the following year. The base engine is anticipated to be a naturally aspirated V6.


2024 Lexus Sedan

An expanded version of the unibody chassis that supports the Toyota Highlander SUV will support the 2024 TX. It’s interesting to see that the Highlander is also getting an extended version. Closer to the TX’s debut as a 2024 model year vehicle, further information, including powertrain choices and possibly self-driving assistance systems, will be made public. The TX will be manufactured in Toyota’s recently upgraded Indiana SUV factory.


It is anticipated that the Lexus version would provide a greater level of passenger comfort and luxurious touches expected out of a premium brand. Compared to the tight quarters provided by the Lexus GX, the space in the third and second rows will be a significant increase. The popular RX SUV has a third row that is available, however, due to its modest size, it is only useful for carrying little children. Even then, a lengthy journey won’t make anyone in the rear seat very pleased.

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