New 2024 iPad Pro: Leaks, Release Date, Price, Specs & Rumors

iPad ProNew 2024 iPad Pro: Leaks, Release Date, Price, Specs & Rumors. Following its launch in 2024, the Cupertino giant has updated the Pro lineup with the M2 and added a few new features (such as hover detection). Despite a marginal increase in raw performance, iPad Pro (2024) is primarily an exceptional tab. However, this has been one of the device’s refinements and updates at best – perhaps one of the least significant in Apple’s history.

We have seen that many users are waiting for the next generation’s release. The complete theory hasn’t been released since the iPad Pro was released. We have learned from various sources that Apple may release the latter in 2023. As it turns out, very little is known about the next iteration of the iPad Pro. Nevertheless, we have tried to give some critical theories about the iPad Pro 2024. We will update this registry based on the following theory.

iPad Pro 2024: Release Date

You’ll likely have to wait until spring 2024 to pick up the tab. In the day, iPad Pro refreshed every 1-2 years, averaging about 1.5 years between generations. In January, Apple executive Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said a new iPad Pro in 2023 might be unlikely.

A successor to the current lineup can be expected before the first half of 2024. But earlier in August, he again hinted at a possible release date, suggesting that the next-generation iPad Pro might not appear before the spring or early summer of 2024.

2024 iPad Pro: Price

I can’t predict the price of the next iPad Pro coming down in the future. We’ve seen a lot of reluctance on Apple’s part to raise the prices of the Pro lineup we’ve reviewed in recent years. But this theory may very well change by 2024. However, we do not have any specific information about this.

Notably, the price of the Apple iPad Pro (2024) hasn’t gone up because of how much it will be updated. The 2024 model may cost quite a bit more. Meanwhile, supply chain reports indicate that $700 may rise steeply. But this is just a matter of conjecture.

Trims Price
iPad Pro in 128GB $ 799 to $ 999
iPad Pro in 256GB $ 899 to $ 1099
iPad Pro in 512GB $ 1099 to $ 1299
iPad Pro in 1TB $ 1499 to $ 1699

iPad Pro: Display & Design

An OLED display is the most significant design change added to the iPad Pro. This well-known rumour has been circulating for quite some time that it will finally happen in 2024. A 12.9-inch model will be joined by advanced mini-LED technology in its OLED screen technology. Gurman says the panels can be “crisper and brighter” and “colours can be reproduced more accurately.

“Gurman claims that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro may be offered with a 13-inch screen. The 11-inch tablet is unlikely to increase in size. Display analyst Ross Young also noted this in January. The new iPad Pro will also feature a new glass body. Gurman previously said this change could slow down the current iPad Pro. But this model may be launched in 2024.

2024 iPad Pro: Specs

iPad Pro 2024 is rumoured to pack Apple’s new M3 chip. Gurman also revealed that Apple will release its next iPads with the new M3-powered MacBooks. The M3 chip used will be manufactured using TSMC’s 3nm process. This means that there can be a significant improvement in efficiency and speed.

Built with the current iPad Pro’s M2 processor. But the latter could be quite a considerable advance. We’ll update you on what happens with this chip when the M3 MacBooks appear for benchmarking.

Apple iPad Pro: Battery

iPads are much stronger when it comes to battery life. iPad Pro 2024 is unlikely to be an exception. However, there are no leaks about the battery specifications of this 2024 model. We will add them accordingly as soon as they become available.

iPad Pro2024 : Features & Software

The iPad Pro 2024 will almost certainly include a next-gen M3 chip. Apple may first add its new M chipset to the 13″ MacBook Pro/MacBook Air and then to the iPad Pro. Various factors suggest that the M3 iPad Pro will likely be released in early 2024. The new 2024 model is always the latest iPad. The version can be run with iPadOS 17 on released devices, which was announced during last year’s WWDC 2024 event.

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