2023 Aprilia RSV4: Price, Full Specs, Review & Release Date

Hello, bike lovers welcome to our website. Today we will discuss a new upcoming bike of the Aprilia, whose name is “the 023 Aprilia RSV4”. The RSV4 2023 is more than just a set of wheels and a powerful engine. The culmination of an ambitious project undertaken by the Aprilia Racing Division. It features integrated aerodynamic winglets, improved aerodynamic efficiency, 217 horsepower, and more torque than ever before, all seamlessly combined on the signature Aprilia chassis.

This is a genuine work of art that will have your heart racing from the moment you see it and will have you whooping with delight every time you touch the throttle. Last year, the RSV4 family received a brand-new engine, a 1099cc inline-four capable of a heart-stopping 217-claimed horsepower. Along with many changes to their entire lineup last year, the RSV4 brothers received aesthetic updates as MotoGP-inspired winglets for added downforce, as well as a major facelift.

2023 Aprilia RSV4: Main Specs

Engine 1.099cc 65-degree V4
Power 217 HP
Torque 92 lbs-ft
Wet Weight 445 lb (201.8 kg)
Seat Height 33.3 in (845 mm) at the lowest point

2023 Aprilia RSV4: Features may include


The previous range featured an Aprilia 1000-cc, 201-horsepower V4, but the new RSV4 and RSV4 Factory increase the power to 1100 cc. We’re talking about the world’s first mass-produced high-performance narrow V 4-cylinder engine, as well as Aprilia’s most powerful and revolutionary engine to date. This is a truly unique and remarkable bike, with its complete electronics system and compact, lightweight structure.


The Aprilia Racing Division’s expertise developed and honed on tracks around the world finds a home in the RSV4, allowing riders to experience the same thrills as those who have sat in the saddle of some of the most powerful bikes of all time. With advanced electronics, a Euro 5-engine, and a dynamic design, the RSV4 becomes the most coveted bike of any self-respecting biker.


The new 2023 Aprilia RSV4 shape, inspired by the revolutionary RS 660, results in a significantly lower aerodynamic resistance coefficient and a noticeable increase in high-speed performance. Riders benefit from an 11% increase in air protection by better isolating the head and shoulders, while the frontal design increases air pressure on the air box by 7%, resulting in improved engine performance.

Power and Comfort

The new design prioritizes ergonomics, and the addition of a new fuel tank, as well as a 9 mm reduction in the height of both the extra seat. And footrest pedals, all contribute to an improved configuration with the fairing. A more relaxed and natural riding position, even for tall riders, and more space overall.


The updated V-4-powered weapon delivers impressive performance and technology, as well as excellent chassis response, with a claimed 217 hp.

2023 Aprilia RSV4: Competitors

2023 Aprilia RSV4:  Price

Country Price
USA $18,999 USD
UK 11,234 GBP
Canda $20,995 CAD
Australia $24,235AUD

The Aprilia RSV4 is the only superbike that allows you to adjust the engine position on the frame, the angle of the steering head, the swingarm pivot, and the rear end height, as well as all suspension setups. Exactly like a real race bike.

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